Presidential Welcoming and Recognition Ceremony Conducted at JU

May 3, 2019: Jimma University Senate and Council Members conducted a welcoming ceremony for Dr. Jemal Abafita, the incoming president of Jimma University and honors Professor Fikre Lemessa, the outgoing president. Participants of the occasion included guests of honors Mr. Mekiyou Mohammed, Mayor of Jimma Town and Vice Chair of JU Governing Board, and Mr. Abdulhakim Mulu, administrator of Jmma Zone, JU Senate and Council members, Senior staff members, and candidates who were running for the presidency

Mr Kora Tushune, JU’s Vice President for Business and Development opened the session welcoming the new president and honoring the outgoing one. In his opening remark he reflected that the institution had a great history due to the contribution of all leaders since the time of its establishment, and the collected efforts will make its future bright. 

After the symbolic handover of the identity marker of JU by Professor Fikre and Mr Kora to the incoming president, Dr. Jemal Abafta presented certificate recognition to Professor Fikre the former president. In his remark after the recognition Professor Fikre promised to contribute whatever is expected from him in taking the institution to new heights

Dr. Jemal Abafita in his closing remark thanked the University community for the warm reception and reflected that he will work with the community in and out of the University to take the university to new heights. He remarked that while building on the success so far achieved, he will closely work with the candidates who were running for the presidency bringing their visions for the institution. He added that the team had discussion before the event and established advisory team (think thank) to innovatively lead the institution. He finally promised that he will listen to and closely work with the university community and beyond which he said is planned to begin on Monday.  

At the event candidates who were running for the presidency were given recognition by the University. The Search and Recruitment committee who successfully led the process were also certified for their commendable work.