Preparing the next generation of problem solvers and technological practitioners and professionals.

Jimma Institute of Technology

Jimma Institute of Technology (JIT) is a leading institution of technology in Ethiopia and an emerging regional and global hub of innovative research and teaching activity. JIT prepares the next generation of problem solvers and technological practitioners and professionals through advanced study which is widely considered to be among the best in Ethiopia. JIT offers programs in Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design, Biomedical Engineering and

Our departments are at the intersection of inquiry and discovery, and through rigorous hands on and class room training our students are being prepared for leadership positions addressing complex, real world problems.  JIT classrooms are dynamic and innovative settings which focus on project based learning, teamwork and innovation to create solutions to real world problems.

At JIT, we believe that the future depends on innovation and creativity, and at JIT we strive to make our students capable of thinking outside of the box when it comes to solving complex issues. JIT promotes crosscutting initiatives with other disciplines. In departments such as Biomedical Engineering, students are able to apply a multidisciplinary understanding engineering and health science to directly benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals and the society at large. This is evident in our numerous collaborations with the Jimma Institute of Health Sciences.

JIT recognizes that students are entering a world that is globalized as well as digitized. Students are prepared for working at the cutting edge of their fields with up to date software and resources. JIT is also entering the virtual realm, and through programs with Lucy Engineering Consultancy, our students and faculty have access to the most up to date knowledge, tools and skills for working on large scale engineering projects. Our engineers are poised to develop the infrastructure of Ethiopia, and our graduates form a considerable portion of both private and public sectors in various technological and engineering sectors throughout Ethiopia.

JIT, in keeping with Jimma University’s Community Based Education philosophy, ensure that our students work on societal issues in the community as part of their coursework. JIT attracts some of the brightest technical minds from throughout Ethiopia, and student efforts at working on community issues are evident each semester through immersive Community Based Education programs.

JIT also believes and acts on the power of collaboration, and the Institute has multiple global partners as well as an established public-private sector relationship with numerous industry partners. Our efforts towards increasing public-private collaboration ensures that our students are industry ready upon graduation and prepared with the most up to date skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in a highly competitive global market. JIT also boasts an international faculty, and our Institute hosts teachers from The Americas, Latin America, and Asia.

At JIT, students are given the tools, knowledge, skills and real world experience they will need to drive change, develop a nation and solve complex problems facing society and the world at large. JIT is proud to produce such capable graduates, and through them JIT will contribute to the positive development of a better world.

Jimma Institute of Technology’s, Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME),is  widely regarded as the top program of its kind in Ethiopia, is dedicated to solving important clinical problems in the country. At the intersection of inquiry and discovery, the department integrates biology, medicine, and engineering to prepare students for transforming Ethiopian healthcare. Its association with Jimma University Specialized hospital provides students with opportunities to engage with some of the best public health hospital professionals and scientists in the country.

Biomedical Engineering directly benefits the health and well-being of people; hence, the Biomedical Engineer is often attracted to this humanistic component as well as the intellectual rigor at the intersection of disciplines. A biomedical engineer is therefore a person who is professionally and academically qualified to design, develop, test, and maintain biomedical equipment.