PhD Defense

Ph.D. Defense on 29 January 2022

Teshome Degefa Deme and Dawit Hawaria Logita have defended their Ph.D. dissertation at the big senate hall on 29 January 2022. Teshome’s dissertation is entitled, “Profiling and Quantifying Residual Malaria Transmission in Kenya and Ethiopia”, whereas Dawit’s dissertation is entitled, “The Effect of Environmental Modification on Malaria Epidemiology and Anopheles Bionomics in Ethiopia”.Malaria remains a major public health concern in East Africa despite the scale-up of control interventions according to the research. The aim of this dissertation was to develop new surveillance tools for outdoor biting and resting malaria vectors, as well as to determine vector behaviour and the magnitude of residual transmission in Kenya & Ethiopia.According to the findings of the study three novel vector surveillance tools were developed: a sticky pot for outdoor resting malaria vector surveillance, and human-odour-baited CDC light trap, and a human-baited double net trap for outdoor biting malaria vector surveillance. Further, the field evaluation revealed that these tools could be useful alternative methods for routine outdoor surveillance of malaria vectors, overcoming the pitfalls of the traditional vector surveillance tools such as pit shelter and human landing catch.Likewise, Dawit’s dissertation is focused on the effect of environmental modification due to irrigated agriculture on malaria vector bionomics and disease transmission, which was investigated at Arjo-Dedessa Sugarcane Development Site, Southwest Ethiopia. The study showed that the development of the project enhanced malaria vector breeding habitat proliferation, the positivity of the malaria vector breeding habitats, larval abundance, and Anopheles gambiae s.l survivorship in the area. Promoters for Dawit were Prof. Delenasaw Yewhalaw, Jimma University, Prof. Guiyun Yan, University of California, and Dr. Solomon Kibret, the University of California whereas the examiners were Prof. Charles Mbongo (Ph.D.) and Dr. Zewdie Birhanu Koricha (Ph.D.). The examiners for Teshome were Prof. Charles Mbongo (Ph.D.) and Dr. Seid Tiku Mereta (Ph.D.) whereas Prof. Delenasaw Yewhalaw (Ph.D.): Jimma University, Ethiopia, Prof. Guiyun Yan (Ph.D.): University of California, Irvine, USA and Dr. Andrew K. Githeko (Ph.D.): Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya were the promoters.Congratulations!Abdulhakim Abamecha Abafogi has defended his Ph.D. dissertation at Jimma University’s big senate hall on Feb 02 /2022.The dissertation entitled, “Therapeutic efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria and detection of Plasmodium falciparum msp-1 and msp-2 genes in Ethiopia” The study evaluates the already mentioned topic in-depth and analyzes the genetic diversity and multiplicity of P. falciparum populations in Ethiopia. The study has a strong implication for malaria vaccine, drug, and epidemiological studies.The External Examiner was Professor Asrat Hailu from Addis Ababa University, whereas Professor Zeleke Mekonnen from Jimma University as Internal Examiner.Congratulations! Endalew Zemene has defended his Ph.D. dissertation successfully at Jimma University’s big senate hall on 08 Feb 2022.The Ph.D. dissertation is entitled, “Malaria Transmission Dynamics in Low Transmission Setting and Effect of Rice Irrigation on Vector Bionomics and Transmission Intensity in Ethiopia”. The study determined malaria transmission intensity and mosquito behavior in a low transmission setting. Accordingly, anopheline in the low transmission setting tends to bite predominantly outdoor and earlier in the evening, which has implications for residual malaria transmission. The study also found significant spatial clustering of malaria in index households compared to neighbors in low transmission settings. Moreover, malaria transmission intensity was remarkably higher in rice irrigation areas compared to non-irrigated areas. As Ethiopia has planned malaria elimination in 2030, the findings of the study contribute to the anticipated national malaria elimination. Examiners were Dr Fikadu Massebo and Dr Zewdie Birhanu Congratulations!