Performance Report and Evaluation Meeting held at JU

The six month’s performance report and evaluation meeting of the 2016/17 budget year was held at JU on February 06, 2017 at JUCAUM conference hall. Present at the meeting were the top management of the university constituting the president and vice presidents, council members and stakeholders invited from several governmental and nongovernmental institutions. In his opening remarks the president of JU, Prof. Fikre Lemessa underlined that the University has already set its five years strategic visions and plans for implementation. The set forth strategies can be achieved only if all organs of the University are able to demonstrate the expected level of performance in the realization of their annual plan, which actually is part & parcel of the strategic plan.

In the subsequent sessions of the meeting all colleges, institutes and service delivery entities of  JU presented their six months performance report after which they received detailed comments from staff members and invited stakeholders.

All responsible bodies finally vowed to incorporate the comments they have received to improve their performance in the upcoming two quarter periods of the budget year.