Panel Discussion held on “Life Skill Intervention on Khat Use and its Impact” in Jimma Zone

April 11, 2019: Jimma University Community Services Directorate Office organized a panel discussion on “Life skills intervention on Khat use and its impacts among Serbo high schools with teachers selected from different schools.

The primary aim of the panel is to discuss on effective life skills implementation on reducing the tendency to use khat and to create awareness on the impacts of khat use on mental and physical health among high school students and teachers.

The panel discussion was opened by Mr. Matiwos Soboka, Assistant professor at Jimma University of Department of Psychiatry. Presentations on current scientific research findings about khat use in Jimma Zone High schools, importance and techniques of preventing khat use by effective implementations of life skills done by team members (Mr. Sisay Dejene, from Jimma University student clinic, and Mr. Yimenu Yitayih, from Jimma University of psychiatry Department, presented.  Mr. Hailemariam Hailesilassie, who is Lecturer at Psychiatry Department of Jimma University). At the occasion ‘Life Skills Club” that operates in the schools has been established to sustain the efforts.  








The participants held a fruitful discussion on the issues presented and, finally, recommended to have a khat free school environment supported by policy directions. That is hoped to save the young generation from khat dependency.