The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development and Delegates from Oromia Regional State visited JUCAVM’s community based collaborative Fishery and Poultry Research center of at Omo Nada.

The collaborative and community based activities undertaken by Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at Omo Nada targeted at Fishery and Poultry research has been visited by the team  lead by the minister Professor Fekadu Beyene 0n 6/4/2010 . 

The visit was facilitated by Oromia Livestock and Fisheries Development bureau and included delegated professionals from all zones of Oromia, Jimma zone sector office heads, Permanent Committee of Livestock Resource Development at the Council of State of Oromia, and the minister of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development with professionals at the office. 

Beneficiaries of the project have appreciated Jimma University’s contribution in this regard and spoke to the team the tangible benefits they got. The delegate of the district has indicated that the new technology introduced by Jimma University through the project has enabled the youth to team up and create an opportunity of self-empowerment. He added that close supervision and support from the University has continued thus far. 

Dr Sahilu Mulu, a member of the visiting team and head of Oromia Livestock and Fisheries Development office, has made a remark that other Universities in Oromia should, in addition to their regular duties, follow the example of Jimma University and contribute to the community around by engaging in such activities. He has added that these Universities share the experience from Jimma University. In his final remark, the minister, Professor Fekadu Beyene has also promised that his bureau will support such efforts. 

Back from their visit, the team has carried out panel discussion at JUCAVM hall on various issues including: Livestock and Fisheries Development, Fishery and Poultry Agriculture, and Incubation Technology for chickens. Dr. Hussen Reshid, the head of Jimma Zone Livestock and Fisheries Development, and Prof. Solomon Demeke presented papers on which discussions were made at the panel.