Long bones’ fracture Surgery

Jimma Medical Centre is promoting the surgical treatment for long bones’ fractures. The evidence from the Ministry of Health shows that the international organization called “SIGN IMN” is working internationally with 404 hospitals on Long bones’ fracture Surgery among which the first ten hospitals included are Tikur Anbessa, Alert and Sodo Christian Hospitals.
Dr. Tegenu Dinku who is an Orthopedist Specialist at Jimma Medical Centre explained that the service of Orthopedic Surgery is being given in the Surgery Ward with six (6 S) specialists who graduated by the profession.
He mentioned that, although it has been difficult to give the service of Long bones’ fracture Surgery due to the inaccessibility of equipments so far, important equipments are currently being obtained with the help of outside aid. The aid was obtained from an American Volunteer organization called “SIGN FRACTURE CARE INT’L”. The founder of the organization was Dr. Lewis Zirkle and it is currently run by the president named Jeanne Dillner.
In western Ethiopia, the number of patients who need orthopedic treatment is increasing and therefore, improving the service is important. As a result, this has been made possible by working with partners and by searching for international aid.
He also gave his thanks to those who have greatly contributed to getting aid, especially to the head of Tikur Anbessa Orthopedics department head,  Professor Biruk Lambiso, the founder of SIGN FRACTURE, Dr. Lewis Zirkle and the current president of the organization, Jeanne Dillner.
According to Dr. Tegenu Dinklu’s explanation, a service is starting using an instrument called “SIGN SET”. This instrument is used for making long bones’ surgery. In order to start the program, the organization requires the presence of adequate trained Orthopedic specialists, a hospital where there are long bones’ fractures (if there is a residence program), and if there is high speed internet.
This program is renewed every ten years and within ten years, a single program costs an estimated 27 million birr. It was also mentioned that “SIGN FRACTURE CARE INT’L”, a volunteer organization found in America works with 60 countries and 408 hospitals.