JU’s Exit Exam Success Story 2020 College of Law and Governance Law School

As per the Ethiopian Law degree curriculum (LL.B), every graduating student is required to sit for National Law Exit Exam with the aim to assess students’ educational achievement in the courses of the major area of program study. This has been implemented since 2011 and the exam is intended to measure the learning outcomes of the program as a whole and passing the exam is a precondition to be awarded a law degree.
Jimma University Law School has been examining its graduating students since the exam started. And the School has a good track record in having its students passing the exam. In particular, the numbers of students who score the cut point and pass for the exam in the past five years indicate that there is a significant improvement overtime. This year’s pass rate, as compared to previous successive years, has shown this significant improvement.  
For comparison, the statistics of the previous years has been outlined as follows:

Year of exam  No. of students sat for exam No. of students passed the exam No of Pass in % 
2020 60 59 98%
2019 60 53 88%
2018 39 34 87%
2017 91 87 95%

In addition to the increment in percentage of pass, majority of the students have been able to score an excellent grade as compared to the previous successive years and the marks scored by other universities across the country. This sparkling achievement is attained with the support of the university, the college of Law and Governance, and the efforts of the entire staff of the Law School.
Jimma University Law School would like to appreciate the unreserved help and assistance from the entire community of the University for the Achievement and assures that it will continue exerting every sort of effort to assure that the success registered this year will remain the culture of the School.