JU students’ project empowering citizens with disability and women

February 23, 2019: Students of MA in Project Management and Finance at ABH Campus, Addis Ababa handed over their DTTP project to communities at Nefas Silk Lafto, Gulele, and Kirkos Sub Cities. The projects handed over to the community are targeted at empowering women and people with disability.

Accordingly, a project of revenue generation through poultry farm has been handed over to 18 individuals with disability at Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City.

At Gulale, the students handed over a project directly benefiting 20 women generating revenue through dry food preparation (Injera bakery, chips, ) the product of which serves more than 300 households.

The third project, handed over to the community at Kirkos Sub City, created job for 14 women who are enabled to generate income through fast food and coffee making, making Injera, preparing spice, etc.

For the three projects the students raised 500,487 birr in cash and more than half a million in kind from the community. The projects benefited 52 individuals directly and more than 3,000 community members indirectly benefit from the projects handed over to the community by the students.

Jimma University’s cherished philosophy of community-based education demands every student to link her/his training with practical community challenges, and to work with the community to alleviate the problem. The DTTP projects handed over to the community at Addis Ababa by students of ABH Campus are part of the requirements of their study in which they should mobilize the community and intervene in developmental activity of significance.

JU extends its gratitude to all the community members and organizations that collaborated with the students in delivering the impressive projects.

Congratulations to the MA in Project Management and Finance graduates at ABH campus for the worthwhile work! Your projects are supreme; we believe others would learn from your remarkable works.

Wherever we are, we are in the Community!