JU Signs Memorandum of Understanding with MBAD

JU has signed Memorandum of Understanding with MBAD Medical equipment and service PLC, for the establishment of Dialysis center at JU Teaching & Referral Hospital. The agreement stipulates that MBAD will provide all the required medical equipment, utilities and supplies, while JU will avail the necessary facilities for the treatment of patients.

The agreement was signed between Professor Fikre Lemessa, president of JU and Mr. Ayman Oshi representing MBAD. After signing the MOU prof. Fikre Underlined the importance of the agreement in expanding the services delivered at JU’s Teaching and Referral Hospital.

He stressed that, kidney dialysis center has never been established by any health institution in the South Western part of Ethiopia, which makes the center one of its kind and helps to address the critical demand of the medical service in the sub region. He further stated that the center, once launched, will only be a starting point and can be upgraded to a very high level. Mr. Kora Tushune, V/P for Business and Development of JU, further reinforced that, the new hospital is one of the biggest in the country with the arts of the day equipment. JU would like to maintain world class medical services and this arrangement with MBAD is a very crucial step to enhance the quality and mixes of medical services to the needy local community. He said that JU would commit itself to take up the arrangements further steps.

Mr. Ayman on his part appreciated the openness & proactiveness of the University management for taking the initiative to establish renal dialysis center at the Hospital. He promised to keep on supporting each other in all aspects needed to uplift the services to a bigger scale. Finally, Prof. Fikre in his concluding remarks, urged all actors to work together towards the realization of the project.