JU Provides Grant Proposal Writing Training for Female Academia

The office of vice president for research and community service of Jimma University organized and provided a three days training program on Grant proposal writing for female academia in its main campus from February 15-17/2017. The trainees were all female teachers from all Colleges and Institutes of the university. Present on the opening day were top management bodies and invited guests.

The training proceeded with an opening speech of Dr. Tsige Ketema, Vice President for Research and Community Service.  On her speech, Dr.Tsige reiterated that the training is aimed to capacitate female academia of the university in the writing skills of proposal and research papers which will promote their status and the university’s as well.  Though females are challenged by many problems, they have to face and overcome it by all means and demonstrate their equality with men in their scholastic contributions to the university and to the country as well.

The trainers and mentors were all from Jimma University. After the first day presentations of the trainers, the participants were divided in groups to write proposals of a project within a day time and present it.  Their effort in preparing the project and the confidence they showed in their presentation is said to be admirable.

This performance indicated that women are capable of doing a given task efficiently if they are given ample time and chances to do it. Their writing and presentation has witnessed that they have  potential that can meet the demands of the country satisfactorily. Their outstanding work has also initiated different organization to get their work published. Finally, the training ended by awarding certificates to the trainers, mentors and trainees.