JU planted over 6000 multipurpose trees along Gilgel Gibe Catchment areas

Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine organized a campaign on planting trees in Keresa woreda of Gilgel Gibe Dam catchment area. The purpose of the watershed management and planting tree is to enhance the quality and durability of the dam in generating renewable energy sustainably. It also minimizes siltation, soil erosion and enhance the suitability of micro-climate in the area that would contributes to Ethiopia green economy policy. 

In consultation with the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity and Kersa woreda administration and focal persons for Gilgel Gibe watershed management, the college initiated to plant trees in Gilgel Gibe watershed including Omonada, Tiro Afteta, and Kersa woredas. It supplied over 3500 seedlings to Omonada and Tiro Afeta woredas in collaboration with Oromia Forest Enterprise and Institute of Biodiversity Jimma branch. In kersa woreda over 6000 seedlings that raised in the nursery filed of the college were planted on July 29, 2017 and more than 220 faculty, admin staffs and interested groups have attended the planting campaign. The tree species planted were Vetiver grass, Cupressus, Olia and Grevilia. The planting activity was led by team of experts and orientation was given for participants on how to plant trees successfully. 

Moreover, JUCAVM and the woreda/ kebele administration have discussed on sustainable management of the planted area and shared responsibility. Accordingly, the woreda and kebele administrative is responsible to safeguard and protect the planted area, while JUCAVM make continuous supervision and expertise follow-up.