JU community has been grieved by the death of its prominent veteran staff Dr. Tekelsion W/Mariam, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Dr.Tekletsion passed away on Friday, June 8, 2018 at his home town Adama and the funeral ceremony took place at Saint Gebriel Cathedral a day after. A lot of people attended the funeral ceremony: government officials, his colleagues, friends, students, neighbors and relatives.
The late Dr.Tekletsion was the founder and the first leader of the then Jimma Institute of Health Science (currently JU). He was one of the first medical students who graduated in MD from Addis Aaba University and completed his specialization in Toronto, Canada.
He was a very dedicated and devoted citizen who used to consider all students as his own blood children. This is witnessed by previous graduates at the funeral ceremony. As testimonies from the University management in his book of biography indicate, Dr. Tekletsion was loyal and principled person in executing his responsibilities at the Universities even in difficult moments while many ranking officials were not in a position to undertake their duties in the transition period of 1991. The late Dr.Tekletsion Woldemariam was a teacher, a leader and a good doctor.
Considering his lifelong services, his previous students and JU collaboratively established a foundation in his name; DR. TEKLETSION WOLDEMARIAM FOUNDATION at JU main campus in 2015. The Foundation intends to execute: Annual Dr.Tekletsion Lectureship, Dr.Tekletsion Prize and Dr.Tekletsion Scholarship and Mentorship. His Biography was published in 2017 .The whole cost was covered by previous JIH Graduates. Although he departed us physically, the Foundation and his Biography remain with us alive for years to come.
We, hereby, pass our thoughts and prayers to Dr.Tekletsion’s family, friends and the entire JU Community. We wish them to quickly recover from their sorrow and grief.
May the Almighty God let his soul to rest in eternal peace in Heaven!