JU Board of Governors held its 51st Regular Meeting

The 51st Regular Meeting of JU Governing Board was conducted on Thursday, March 21, 2019 in the capital. The major agenda of the meeting were hearing the progress of and updates on two topical issues: Transformation of Jimma Medical Center (JMC) and Recruitment and selection of university president and a vice president. After conducting a thorough discussion on both issues, the board has given direction on the way forward especially the need for an inclusive and swift process that mobilize support and ownership for a timely execution of the remaining steps and activities.

During the discussion on the transformation of JMC, His Excellency the Minister of Health and Board Chair of JU briefed the members on the findings of the assessment conducted by the taskforce established by FMOH. The assessment is considered as an initial step to diagnose the problems of JMC and formulate strategies to reform the institution and the services it provide to the public. The outcome of the assessment is hoped to assist the University in developing interventions that will improve the staff morale, reduce staff turnover, revamp the supply chain, enhance quality of the services provided, and help in crafting effective organizational structure and institutional management system.

The board also discussed on the progress of the selection process currently underway for the vacant positions of the President and V/President positions. In this regard, the board of governors stressed that the process should remain free, fair and transparent at each stage. The process is to be run as per the MoSHE Directive on Selection and Appointment of Leaders and Management in Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia. Hence, the Board reiterated the centrality of merit, competence and preparedness of candidates in the selection process. The board suggested a clear communication of the process at each stage to the wider community through various means including open forums and relevant media. The progress is to be closely followed by the JU board of governors.