JU awards honorary doctorate in recognition of outstanding selfless leadership qualities

On the second round graduation ceremony held on July 07, 2018, Jimma University awarded honorary doctorate in Peace and Security to H.E Mr. Lemma Megersa, President of the Oromiya National regional State.  
Prof. Fikre Lemessa, President of Jimma University on the occasion disclosed that the senate of JU on its meeting on 5th of July, 2018 which was held to approve the graduation of its students in various fields, thoroughly discussed about awarding honorary doctorate to Mr. Lemma. Among others, the senate deliberated on  the extraordinary leadership qualities exhibited by Mr. Lemma in his effort to realize his vision of building a united, prospered and honored country of Ethiopia where peace, equality, justice and good governance prevails. 
Mr. Lemma, according to Prof. Fikre struggled for long waited values of justice, equality and good governance in Ethiopia and most of all is able to imprint his vision among enormous portion of the Ethiopian people and specially the energetic youth section of the society. 
Considering his extraordinary leadership qualities of its kind at this young age and having greater hope that he will sustain his already started good deeds of igniting a hope of peace, development, justice, equality and good governance in the country, JU’s senate decided to award honorary doctorate degree in Peace and Security to Mr. Lemma.
After the bestowal ceremony of the honorary doctorate Mr. Lemma clearly stated that “he is a person only dedicated to the right, equality and justice of the Ethiopian people and never expects any award what is so ever for only struggling to ensure the sustained prevalence of those values among the people.” 
He further stated that the political leadership could be decisive to realize those sacred values but the people are the owner and forerunner of the whole process which is filled with hurdles and ups and downs. He said he considers the award by JU as just an award bestowed to a person who loves his country and people and trying to discharge his public responsibilities. The award, according to him also belongs to all members of the new generation in the country who are struggling for the sustained prevalence of peace, justice, equality. Hence, “all of us should be happy at this moment.”  
He also forwarded that he considers the award as “a certificate of recognition for his contribution in tackling the ups and downs of realizing a visionary transformation in Ethiopia and it will be a big motivating factor to finalize what has been started and put it on a concrete and irreversible foundation.” 
He finally passed a very strong message that what has been started has given greater hope to our people and a lot has to be done to root the changes deep in to the ground and reap the fruits of our struggle. For this, the people should join hands to take a good care of the achievements registered and push them further forward until we can lay them down on a strong and irreversible foundation.
After conferring the honorary doctorate to Mr. lemma, the graduation ceremony continued with the coming on to the stage of Mr. Buruk Woldemichael, Senior Director for Students Affairs Office who invited respective deans of Colleges and faculties to lead the academic process and present their graduates and outstanding students for award. 
At the very marvelous second round graduation ceremony JU graduated 3,454 students at undergraduate level from various disciplines in health, agriculture and veterinary medicine, law and governance, business and economics, natural sciences and social science and humanities. It was disclosed that 2129 students including medical doctors were graduated during the first round graduation in October, 2017 while 2,182 graduated on the second round graduation held on 1st July, 2018. This takes the total amount of graduates from the University in the academic year to 7765 at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.