Jimma University’s Space Science and Astronomy

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Ethiopian Space Science Society of Jimma branch conducted half day science conference on March 12/ 2021. The objective of the conference is to create a platform for sharing ideas on basic science education, research and to address the way forwards for its implementation. Furthermore, it is aimed to coordinate and mobilize the existing opportunities, platforms, and professions to plan visions and convert them to practice.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Tadesse Habtamu, conveyed remarkable message that Astronomy is an exploration of all generations in all times that should be used in science education, philosophy, discovery, and so on. Other academicians, including students from high schools delivered message on historical perspectives of Astronomy and Space science in Ethiopia, space mission, the mission and vision of ESSS and ESSTI as well as the contribution of Space Science for Socio-economy and security.

The emphasis is given for the contributions of Jimma University to the development of Astronomy and Space Science in Ethiopia that includes: launching a postgraduate program in the field, launching the ESSS branch, establishing and strengthening school clubs. Further, Jimma University is among the pioneers to for the establishment of ESSTI, professional collaboration in project conceptualization and execution such as Entoto observatory and Lalibela optical/infrared site testing. A mini science conference motivational presentation and science development program is organized by Jimma University, physics department, in collaboration with college of  natural sciences, and Ethiopian Space Science Society.

Ethiopian Space Science Society Jimma branch was established as a club in 2005 and as Jimma branch in 2012 at the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, whereas Ethiopian Space Science Society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members. Read More