Jimma University’s New Data Center Officially Launched

Jimma University launched its long-awaited data center, a meticulously planned project undergoing construction since last year. Graced by HE Kora Tushune, Dr. Jemal Abafita, esteemed presidents and vice Presidents of Ethiopian Public Universities, the inauguration ceremony marked a significant milestone for the university.
The previous data center, with limited capacity, has been fully migrated to the state-of-the-art facility. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the center ensures optimal performance, meeting the demands of a modern educational institution like Jimma University.

Now fully operational, the data center enables effective management and storage of critical information, facilitating seamless access for students, faculty, and staff. Its enhanced capacity contributes to research, academics, and administrative functions.

This achievement demonstrates Jimma University’s commitment to a technologically advanced environment, providing a backbone for information systems and fostering innovation across departments.
The university eagerly embraces this era of advanced capabilities, empowering its community and driving academic excellence.

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