Jimma University Teachers’ Association has elected an Executive Committee of eleven (11) members.

Jimma University’s President, Dr. Jemal Abafita, gave the opening speech where he urged the association to work industriously and use its academic freedom appropriately to inform national policies. They must also respect the duties and responsibilities of teachers, work diligently to build the capacity of its members and maintain its usual support within university management to accomplish its goals. He concluded by wishing the association great success.

After the discussions with the participants, the committee facilitated the election of the new executive body. They elected 11 new Jimma University Teachers’ Association higher executive members. Accordingly, the following nominees were elected: Dr. Demelash Mengistu – President, Dr. Diriba Fufa – Vice President and Dr. Lucy Feleke – Secretary. Similarly, Mr. Tamiru Chalchisa, Mr. Dereje Daksa, Mr. Dawit Mekonnen, Mr. Damena Tolosa, Dr. Emiyamirew Manaye, Dr. Tamene Tadesse, Mr. Merera Negassa, and Mrs. Chaltu Fikru were elected with Mrs. Medhanit Getinet serving as an Internal Auditor. The newly elected Executive Committee members have started their duties after giving their pledge in front of all the participants.

Furthermore, a general overview covering the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association, Ethiopian Universities’ Teachers’ Association and Jimma University Teachers’ Association was given at the program. Since its foundation in 2008, Jimma University Teachers’ Association has been working on executing the University’s mission by paving the way for teachers’ rights to be respected, which is also in accordance with the statement on Human Rights under the motto, “Everyone has the right to learn.” To reach this goal, they have been working on various activities.

As of now, the former Teachers’ Association executive body has transferred its power to the newly elected Jimma University Teachers’ Association executive body.