Jimma University Renewed Collaboration Agreement with French Embassy.

Jimma University has recently renewed its collaboration agreement with the French Embassy, marking a significant event that took place in Addis Ababa on November 25, 2023. The agreement was signed by Professor Netsanet Workineh, Vice President for Research and Community Services of Jimma University, representing the university’s president, and Mrs. Sophie Moal-Makame, Head of Cooperation, representing the Embassy of France.
The renewed agreement encompasses a range of collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing French language education at Jimma University and initiatives to enhance curriculum, teaching methodologies, and learning resources in relation to French language education.
During the signing ceremony, Jimma University also received a donation of pedagogical materials from the French embassy.
The renewal of the collaboration agreement between Jimma University and the French embassy underscores the shared commitment to promoting French language education and fostering cultural exchange.

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