Jimma University recently hosted a validation workshop on the Speed School program.

The workshop was jointly organized by Geneva Global Ethiopia and Jimma University, and it welcomed participants from various educational institutions and offices.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Frew Amsale, the External Relations Senior Director and representative of Jimma University’s president, highlighted the growing population of out-of-school children and stressed the importance of providing alternative educational opportunities. He also underlined Jimma University’s dedication to actively addressing this issue.
During the workshop, Mr. Samuel Asnake, the Country Director of Geneva Global Ethiopia, discussed the organization’s collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the successful implementation of the Speed School program across different regions of the country, including Jimma zone. The program’s primary objective is to offer innovative teaching approaches and a comprehensive supervision system to provide educational access to out-of-school children.

Furthermore, Dr. Bekalu Ferede presented an impact evaluation report, emphasizing the effectiveness of the Speed School program and advocating for its expansion. Dr. Tadesse Regassa, the Dean of the Education Center of Excellence at Jimma University, expressed the university’s firm commitment to partnering with Geneva Global Ethiopia.

Together, they aim to scale up the program through research6 initiatives, advocacy campaigns, and professional development support. This collaborative effort between Geneva Global Ethiopia and Jimma University demonstrates their shared dedication to tackling the issue of increasing numbers of out-of-school children through innovative educational initiatives.

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