Jimma University Medical Centre has conducted a workshop on Pediatric Oncology

Jimma University Medical Centre has conducted a workshop based on the Pediatric Oncology Facility Integrated Local Evaluation (PrOFILE) self-assessment outcome.
The PrOFILE is a dynamic 360o evaluation of health services delivery that helps care teams and institutions committed to increasing childhood cancer survival and define an improvement strategy.
It was developed by the St. Jude Global Cancer Analytics Resource and Epidemiological Surveillance System (SJCARES).
The workshop was aimed primarily at prioritizing the identified opportunities for designing a 3-year action plan.
In the workshop, Dr. Diriba, Head of Pediatric Oncology explained that the purpose of the PrOFILE is a comprehensive institutional self-assessment to identify challenges in service delivery and prioritize solutions to improve Pediatric hematology or Oncology (PHO) care of the center and act as a diagnostic tool, identifying key issues requiring attention and improvement.
He added that the tool has 12 modules that assess the national and facility contexts, Finance and resources, Personnel, service capacity, service integration, chemotherapy, supportive care, surgery, radiotherapy, diagnostic, and patient outcome.
From more than 120 identified gaps, establishing a multidisciplinary pediatric oncology tumor board, establishing sedation services at a Radiotherapy center, and Prospective data collection were the top three prioritized opportunities for the first-year action plan. Decreasing treatment abandonment, increasing access to blood products, growing funds for basic pathology services and other basic diagnostics, and addressing causes of delays in surgery were the prioritized opportunities for the next 3 year’s action plan.
On the same day, the inauguration of the newly renovated JUMC Pediatric Oncology Day Care Centre was renovated with the support of Tesfa Addis Parents of Childhood Cancer organization (TAPCCO) took place.
The workshop concluded with closing remarks by Dr Selemawit Ayale, MOH NCDs & MH desk lead, by stating the initiative that Jimma University Medical Center took to assess the pediatrics oncology services will inform other stakeholders beyond JUMC including Ministry of Health about the current status of pediatric oncology services and the future priorities to ensure continuous improvement of PO services in the country.

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