Jimma University Medical Center Successfully Conducts Vascular Surgery Workshop

Jimma University Medical Center, in collaboration with the global vascular companionship NGO, conducted a vascular surgery workshop from January 8 to 18, 2024. The workshop marked a significant milestone as the medical center treated 40 patients at the referral clinic, performing 11 successful operations.
The surgical procedures included 2 AVF creations, 2 AVF corrections, 1 endarterectomy, and 6 open varicose vein surgeries. Additionally, sclerotherapy was administered to 6 patients. This event marked the first-ever elective vascular surgery cases at Jimma University, showcasing the medical center’s commitment to advancing surgical capabilities.
Looking ahead, the initiative plans to continue its impact by partnering in mentoring surgeons for future endeavors, further enhancing vascular surgery capabilities at Jimma University.

Institute of Health Sciences – Jimma University Ministry of Health, Ethiopia
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