Jimma University has organized a National Research Conference on Peace Building through Peace Education

Jimma University in collaboration with Enabling University Peace Education (EUPE) project, has organized a two-day National Research Conference on the theme “Peace Building through Peace Education” on 23th and 24th May 2024 at Jimma University.

Prof. Netsanet Workineh,  V/president for Research and  Community Service of Jimma University has officially opened the conference by stressing   Jimma University is a leading institution in Ethiopia, pioneering community-based education. Higher education plays a crucial role in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to address complex societal challenges. Universities foster research and innovation, generating   solutions to social, economic, and environmental issues.

She added, International organizations and funding play a vital role in peace building by providing resources, expertise, and a platform for collaboration among groups and nations at large. The Enabling University Peace Education Project is a very good example, and we are grateful for this initiative and all the support.

Dr. Yonas Adaye, Commissioner for the National Dialogue Commission of Ethiopia, has emphasized on the powerfulness of peace education in peace building process. He has also given attention to the pedagogical science and its contribution in shaping an attitude of human beings that is vital to build the relationship and peace.

Mr. Tamesegn Lamessa, EUPE project coordinator has also presented a brief overview of the project activities and achievements over the last two years.

Hasset Taeme, the EUPE project manager of the British Council, in the opening remarks she delivered focusing on Peace building through Peace Education aligns with EUPE’s commitment to context-driven, gender-sensitive research and supporting peace building efforts through collaboration with universities. She emphasized on a collaborative journey towards achieving these goals and fostering peace through education .

A total of nine research papers were presented at the conference. This was followed by academic discussion, questions, comments, and suggestions from the participants. Finally, the conference concluded with offering certificate for paper presenters and closing remarks by Prof. Netsanet.

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