Jimma University Engages in International Accreditation Process for Architecture and Urban Planning Program.

Jimma University’s Institute of Technology is making significant strides towards internationalizing its Architecture and Urban Planning program, aiming to equip graduates with the necessary skills and competencies to excel in the global arena. As part of this endeavor, the University has initiated a comprehensive renovation of its laboratories and teaching equipment. Additionally, the Jimma University Enterprise is extending support to the department by providing essential equipment.
The overarching goal of this initiative is to produce highly competent and well-trained Architects and Urban Planners who possess the ability to independently create innovative architectural works upon graduation. The renovation and internationalization efforts are set to enhance the quality of training and education imparted to students.
Moreover, the standardization and accreditation of the Architecture and Urban Planning program will serve as a model for twelve other departments within the University, which are scheduled to undergo similar processes in the near future. Collaborating with international institutes specializing in accreditation programs, Jimma University aims to standardize selected programs at its Institute of Technology. Subsequently, these standardized programs will be expanded to encompass other colleges and institutes across the university.
The standardization and accreditation endeavors not only strengthen the University’s commitment to delivering excellence in education but also support its journey towards autonomy. During a visit to observe the renovation progress and various activities associated with Architecture and Urban Planning program, Dr. Jemal Abafita, the President of Jimma University, expressed his gratitude to the parties involved in the accreditation process. He specifically acknowledged Texas Tech University for their collaboration with Jimma University and extended appreciation to Dr. Olu Femi, Tirusew Solomon and the team at the Jimma Institute of Technology for their dedication and initiation of the project.
The President further affirmed that the University’s leadership fully supports the accreditation of these programs in all aspects, recognizing their significance in enhancing the University’s academic standing and global recognition.
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