Jimma University conducted Training on Commercializing research and technological innovations.

The Jimma University Institute of Technology recently conducted a training program focused on the conversion of research and technological innovation into viable businesses.

During the event, Mr. Shewangizaw Workagegnehu, the Director of University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer, highlighted the university’s ongoing efforts to become an autonomous research institution. He emphasized the importance of collaborative partnerships as part of the university’s long-term strategic plan to foster the transformation of research and innovation into commercial ventures. Mr. Adane Tadesse, the director of the Jimma University Innovation Incubation Center, explained that the training aimed to nurture entrepreneurs by capitalizing on the university’s research and innovation activities.

The program, organized in collaboration with Victoria Venture in Kenya, received support from the FCDO under the RISA Fund program. Mr. Stephen Gugu, representing Victoria Venture, shared his company’s extensive experience in training effective researchers and fostering technological innovation. He commended Jimma University for establishing a dedicated center that demonstrates its commitment to innovation and research.

Eng. Efrem Wakijira, the Scientific Director of the Institute, expressed gratitude to trainers, trainees, organizers, and supporters, affirming the institute’s dedication to promoting R2C (Research-to-Commercialization) training.

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