Jimma University CAVM Launches Model Village for Integrated Rural Development (Technology Village)

May 27, 2019: JU’s College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine has conducted a technology village establishment workshop. The workshop was organized by Community Based Education and Partnership Office of the college and facilitated by Dr. Fikadu, Dean of the college. 
The establishment of the village is part of the materialization of the new flagship initiative in excellence areas of the University for 2020. The areas include excellence in quality healthcare, excellence in Technology Transfer and excellence in Information Revolution. The current establishment is targeted at promoting and disseminating appropriate technologies, encouraging technology start–ups for agriculture and veterinary medicine, providing necessary infrastructure facilities and other value-added services, and developing a suitable site for on-site training (live-laboratory) for agriculture and veterinary medicine courses.
At the launching workshop, JU’s president, Dr. Jemal Abafita addressed in his opening remarks that the establishment of the model village will have a significant impact in modernizing the agricultural sector development in Jimma Zone to contribute towards ensuring food security. He added that the University will be committed in realizing the objectives set. 






The CBE coordinating office of the college presented to the participants the approaches and processes involved in the selection of the sites. Following that representatives from the areas conducted a detailed and fruitful discussion leading to the selection of the following villages: Gube Muleta Kebele from Manna Woreda, Biso Gombo from Omonada Woreda, Elala Kebele from Dedo Woreda, Kishe Kebele from Shabe Woreda and Eladale JUCAVM Farm. 
Dr. Tsige Ketema, vice president for Research and Community Service of the University, on her part, stressed in her concluding remarks that the initiative will be realized through a collaborative effort of the University and community in the selected areas. Finally, MOU was signed between JU and each Woreda representatives.