Jimma University Board Endorses Five Full Professorships

Jimma University is pleased to announce the promotion of five faculty members to the rank of full professorship. The Board of Governance endorsed their requests during the 58th regular session held on March 24th, 2023, at the University’s Senate hall.

The promotions were awarded after the faculty members submitted their applications to their respective departments and academic commissions of colleges. Their applications were then evaluated by both internal and external evaluators before being reviewed and ratified by the Senate. The promotions were then finally approved by the university’s Governing Board.

These five faculty members have been promoted: Netsanet Workneh Gidi has been promoted to Professor in Pediatrics and Child Health, Getachew Abeshu Disassa has been promoted to Professor in Counseling Psychology, Gudina Terefe Tucho has been promoted to Professor in Energy and Environmental Health, Tamene Adugna Demissie has been promoted to Professor in Water Resources Engineering, and Kalkidan Hassen Abate has been promoted to Professor in Nutrition and Public Health.

These individuals have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to their respective fields, as well as their dedication to effective teaching, publication, institutional affairs, and community services.

Jimma University congratulates all five of its newly promoted full professors on their well-deserved recognition of their achievements.