Jimma Emergency Operation Center (JEOC) Held Discussion on COVID-19 Emergency Responses Annual Report

Jimma Emergency Operation center (JEOC) for the COVID-19 outbreak presented its annual performance and held a panel discussion with key stakeholders on March 19, 2021, at Jimma central Hotel.
Dr. Mohamed Mecha, Jimma University institute of health Vice president, in his opening remarks, welcomes the participants and explains the one-year journey of the JEOC and the general community. He stated that it was a tough time and thanked all stakeholders for playing their role in this challenging situation fighting against the pandemic.
Different scholars from the Health Institute have presented on topics related to COVID-19 prevention and control. Accordingly, COVID-19 Global and local situation, COVID-19 vaccine, and Adherence to risk communication were presented by Dr. Daniel Yilma, Professor Zeleke Mekonen, and Dr. Muluemabet Abera respectively.
Mr. Temesgen Kabeta presented the annual report of JEOC. The report indicates that more than 33000 tests were performed, of which 1015 test positive for COVID-19. In total, 536 cases were admitted during this reporting period, and 33 death cases were reported.
Following the presentation, fruitful discussions were conducted in the presence of different stakeholders. This discussion was led by JU president Dr. Jemal Abafita, Dr. Mohamed Mecha, JUIH Vice president, and Mrs. Hindiya Mohamed from the town health office.
Dr. Jemal Abafita, Jimma University president, summarized the core point of discussion, stating that the challenges we are facing are not only because of increasing cases but also due to increasing fatality and severity rate. Mainly the oxygen supply for the severe cases is in its critical situation and needs urgent interventions. Dr. Jemal also stated the community’s reluctance on preventive measures as another challenge that requires an engagement of multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial collaboration to overcome the challenge and combat the pandemic.
Finally, the best performers from all JEOC divisions were rewarded a thank-you certificate from the hands of Jimma University President Dr. Jemal Abafita and Dr. Elias Ali, JEOC Incident Manager.