Honoring the service of a selfless physician, Dr. Mei Gengnian

During a recent visit to Jimma University, a Chinese medical team led by Dr. Zhang, President of the Chinese Medical Mission to Ethiopia met with Dr. Jemal Abafita, the president of Jimma University.
The two leaders discussed renewing commitments and strengthening ties between China and Jimma University. As part of their visit, the delegation paid tribute to Dr. Mei Gengnian at the cemetery where they placed flowers in honor of the late martyr Doctor.
Dr. Jemal delivered a speech highlighting Dr. Mei’s selfless service at the then-Jimma Hospital, which has continued to inspire Chinese volunteerism towards Jimma and the nation at large. Dr. Jemal stated that “Dr. Mei Gengnian is a symbol of contemporary voluntarism. His selfless dedication and service to humanity abroad, far from his homeland, is something we all cherish and keep in our hearts and minds, and something to which Jimma University is also grateful”.
Dr. Mei’s legacy has had a significant impact on Ethiopia, as evidenced by the establishment of the Dr. Mei Gengnian Scholarship in 2018, which has benefited numerous medical students.
The visit also included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Henan Vocational College of Nursing aimed at strengthening staff exchange and student mobility between the two institutions.
The discussions and agreements reached during this visit represent the continued effort to deepen the relationship between China and Ethiopia in general, as well as between Jimma University and Henan Vocational College of Nursing in the field of healthcare more particularly.
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