Delegates from University of Cincinnati (USA) Visits JU

February 28, 2019: Delegates composed of four International office faculty member (Vanessa Allen-Brown, Geneva Miller, Ana Vamadeva and Raj Mehta) from the UC are visiting JU from 27-28th February, 2019. 

The partnership between the two institutions started through email and skype communication for the last one year.  The visit was very much effective in allowing the two institutions get to know each other and paved the way in identifying potential areas for future collaboration.

The current visit of the delegates of UC is aimed at laying the foundation to realizing the areas of agreements to be specified in the MOU to be signed in the follow up further discussions and coming together to take concrete actions. 






The delegates were warmly welcomed by the Acting President of JU, Mr. Kora Tushune and all the V/Ps of the University, after which representatives of the two institutions presented brief overview of each other discussions and visits are going on with all relevant units and departments of the Colleges and Institute.