Delegates from the European Union Visits JU

(March 4, 2021) Delegates composed of eight representatives from the European Union paid two days official visit to JU on 3rd and 4th March 2021. The delegates represented institutions from France, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic and Germany headed by Dr. Piero Vnturi from the European Union. The major aim of the visit is to strengthen already existing partnerships of JU with the respective institutions of the delegates and exploring new horizons for future engagements towards building robust collaborative academic, research and capacity building projects.
In the afternoon of 3rd March, the delegates were warmly welcomed by the President of JU, Dr. Jemal Abafita and all the V/Ps of the University, after which discussions were held on the potential areas of partnerships between JU and all the institutions from the EU. Both sides recalled the already existing partnership frameworks and applauded the success stories registered. In line with what has been achieved, all parties pledged to explore more opportunities for future strong networking and collaboration to register even more success.
On 4th March, all the delegates and JU’s president presented their respective institutions and indicated potential areas of future engagement to the JU’s academic community composed of senate and council members, post graduate students from various colleges and institutes. The participants forwarded opinions and queries which have been well explained by the delegates. At the conclusive phase of the meeting, Mr. Kora Tushune, V/P for Business and development and the Chair of the EU delegate Dr. Piero underlined that all the academic units and participating academic staff members need to make good use of the information provided during the discussion to create opportunities for partnerships in various academic and research fields.