A Contribution worthwhile: Three Schools in Jimma Town received 101 computers

On January 12, 2018, Jimma University hosted an event in which 101 computers were handed over to three schools in Jimma Town namely Jimma Ababuna, Jiren No2 and Jimma Comprehensive School.

The computers were provided by Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) and Korean Environment Institute (KEI) with the initiative of Dr. Kaba Urgessa, the state Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and former president of Jimma University.

The event was attended by Jimma University Senate members, the Mayor of Jimma Town, Jmma Town Education Office, Directors of the Schools, Community elders and invited guests.

At the occasion, Professor Fikre Lemessa, President of Jimma University extended his gratitude to the donating organization and to Dr. Kaba Urgessa, who took the initiative of this remarkable contribution, and relentlessly worked towards its success. He added that individual efforts resulting in noteworthy support to needy schools in the town are part of the influences of the University’s philosophy of being in the community. The President also thanked the Ministry of Education (MOE) for its significant support in facilitating the arrival of the computers. Jimma University contributed in transporting the computers to Jimma and promised that the ICT unit of the University will support the schools in establishing computer labs where the students will use. 

Dr. Kaba thanked STEPI and KEI, the Korean organizations that donated the computers, the Ministry of Education, Jimma University and individuals for their coordinated efforts. In his address to the participants, Dr. Kaba reflected that an individual’s worthwhile contribution can spark hope in students, and asked the participants to contribute whatever they can to the community.  

The mayor of the town Mr. Makiyu Mohammed also thanked Dr. Kaba for his initiative, the donors of the 101 computers and all the bodies who collaborated in the transporting of the computers. He called onto others to extend similar contributions so as to support schools in the town. Appreciating the efforts of Dr. Kaba, the participants of the event also reflected that similar efforts are expected from everyone deeply concerned about the community.

Professor Fikre finally expressed that the University will continue to support the schools and the community in various aspects as it has been doing so far.