Consultative workshop held at Jimma University on Diaspora Engagement

Jimma University recently hosted a consultative workshop on Diaspora Engagement which focused on the need for educated and skilled members of the Diaspora community to engage in technology and skills transfer. The workshop was attended by representatives from several institutions including, Jimma, Wollo, Hawasa, and Jigjiga University.
A new study conducted by Jimma, Wollo, Hawasa and Jigjiga University on diaspora engagement has found that engaging with the educated and skilled diaspora community is essential for technology and skills transfer.
Dr. Mekonnen Bogale, the lead researcher of the research team, stated that inputs for the study were collected from ministries, diasporas, and health institutes. The goal of the research is to mobilize diaspora communities and engage them in the development of their home country.
The workshop highlighted that the diaspora community can provide joint research opportunities, capacity building trainings, technology-related capacity building, strengthening health facilities and diplomacy-related support. These contributions can greatly benefit universities and other institutions in Ethiopia.
Overall, the consultative workshop provided an important platform for dialogue and collaboration on diaspora engagement. The outcomes of the workshop will inform future efforts to promote technology and skills transfer for the economic development of Ethiopia.

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