Completion of Phase I KOFIH Project, and Phase II is about to commence

Completion of Phase I KOFIH project, and Phase II is about to commence

KOFIH, JU, and JZHO commemorate the completion of phase I of collaborative MNCH projects by handing them over to end-users on the 5th and 6th of February 2022. The Korean Foundation for International Health (KOFIH), in collaboration with Jimma University (JU) and the Jimma zonal Health Office (JZHO), has completed the first phase of a unique collaborative MNCH project that has been executed in Dedo, Mancho, Omo Nada, and Omo beyam districts that have been implemented since 2014.

On this completion program including the President of Jimma University, KOFIH Ethiopia Country Director, staff from MoH, staffs ORHB, staffs from GIZ, representatives from JZHO, zonal and district administrators, contractors, consultants, Jimma University senate members and directors community members, and KOFIH-JU-JZHO project site representatives have participated.

On the second day of the program which is conducted at Jimma central hotel, the project’s achievements were presented by Mr. Gugsa Nemera KOFIH-JU-JZHO collaborative Project Management Unit Chair, and following the presentation a fruitful discussion was made on the way forward and on phase two project. The project was designed to strengthen the health system in the Jimma zone by enhancing health facility capacity, LMG, data management, community awareness, health care utilization, and referral systems linked to mother and child health.

In addition, the challenges, success factors, sustainability, and ownership issues were discussed in depth. The two days’ events were concluded by a photo gallery exhibition, and lastly, different people and organizations that contributed to the success of the project were certified.