Community Service Project and Training

A handover of a community service project entitled “Aquaponics- an urban aqua-farm” coupled with a capacity building training was held by Jimma University College of Natural Sciences.
This Aquaponics project is a novel technology that adopts fish production whereby the nutrient-rich fish waste is fed to hydroponically-grown vegetables after passing through a biofilter system.
The technology involves environment-friendly, intensive, year-round production of organic foods (fish, lettuce, and tomato) on a small plot of land. The project which is based in “Seto- Semero” village, Jimma town, is expected to create job opportunities and sustainable income for the youth.
The project’s construction included customizing the technology design to fit to the local situation. The technology is the first of its kind to be adopted in the locality, and it demonstrates the potential for similar activities to be expanded to different areas.
Beneficiaries were trained on the project background as well as specific project techniques such as fish feed preparation from various local wastes that would otherwise pollute the environment, post-harvest management, and market link. The training was supported by a manual to sustain the techniques acquired by the beneficiaries.
At the end of the training, a certificate was awarded to the participants in recognition of their successful completion of the training package.
Dr. Cherent Tuge, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, Jimma University, emphasized the need for commitment from the beneficiaries to ensure the realization and sustainability of the project. He also acknowledged the team of professionals from the College of Natural Sciences who have been working tirelessly for the success of the project.
Dr. Desalgn Dadi, a delegate of Jimma University’s Office of Community Service and Engagement, representatives from Jimma town Urban Agriculture, and “Seto Semero” administration and Cooperatives Office attended the project’s training and handover ceremony.