Colorful First Round Graduation Ceremony held at JU

On the 30th of June, 2018 JU held a very colorful graduation ceremony in the presence of members of the university senate, other invited guest and families of the graduates at the Mini Stadium of the main campus. A total of 2182 students have completed their study and graduated at the ceremony of which 626 are at Masters, Specialty certificate and PHD levels while 1556 were graduated at BA level. Of all the graduates 543 were female. It was also reported that the University has graduated a total of 2129 students at BA and Masters Level in October 2017 of which 179 were medical doctors. This takes the total number of graduates of the academic year to 7765 including the sum of the third round graduating students to be held on 7th July 2018. 
President of JU, Prof. Fikre Lemessa presented the core activities and achievements of the University in the academic year. He highlighted that the university has done its level best to increase students’ admission capacity and now training 41, 593 students in 56 undergraduate, 119 MA/MSc and 19 PHD programs. 
Hand in hand with teaching and training of students’ in various disciplines, scholars at JU are also undertaking problem based and community oriented researches with direct relevance to their surrounding community and the country as a whole. In addition to initiating the community to resolve its own problems, the findings of the scientific researches has also been used as an input in the policy making process at national level. Moreover, the research outputs have been utilized to transfer technology to the society and the effort of the university to work with industries has resulted in considerable achievements. The university has also been actively engaged in discharging its social, national and international responsibilities by organizing national and international conferences, consultative meetings and establishing collaboration among several national and international partners. 
He emphasized that the future of Ethiopia is in the hands of the educated young generation and today’s graduates should be ready and committed to actualize their knowledge and competence to ensure peace, prosperity and advancement in their country. We are living at a time where the young generation should play positive and constructive role to effect visionary transformation in the country. Hence, he advised them to “utilize this opportunity and be change agents to define the future of their country and people.”
Speaking on the occasion and the guest of honor of the event, Dr. Mihret Debebe, a motivational speaker and author of various books, delivered a very marvelous and useful motivational speech to the graduates. He forwarded very warm congratulatory remarks to the graduates, the university management and parents of the students for their fruitful efforts in supporting the graduates and brining them all the way to the successful completion of their studies. 
He has also advised the graduates based on his personal life experiences stating that they have now completed only the first phase of their career and they have long way to go with ample opportunities and challenges. Hence they were advised to carefully craft their plan and vision before starting the long race on the track of life. 
They are advised to “think Bigger and set a wider vision ahead of time.” He said” you are what you think you are, and the sky is the limit to the advancement of your career. The education that you are enrolled through will only equips you with skills and capacity and that is the base of your life. You can’t achieve your visions unless you make a good use of your capabilities.” He also stated that “The future is bright for the young generation in Ethiopia and as a very fresh and energetic part of the society need to make every possible opportunity in a positive manner to advance your career and contribute to the development o your nation.” He was also quoted saying “you need to have a goal for which you can firmly stand for. Be a proud but a highly dedicated servant to your people.”  
He also finally wished the graduates’ great success, satisfaction and “to be one of those who can shade light and hope to their people”  
At the subsequent stages the Head of the Registrar Mr. Biruk Woldemichael and Deans presented the graduates in their respective colleges and outstanding   students from each program have also received awards from the guest of honor, Dr. Mihret Debebe.