Closing Event of ‘Sustained Dialogue’ Project held at Jimma University

Jimma University and the Ethiopian Law Schools Association successfully concluded their collaborative sustained dialogue project funded by the International Foundation for Electoral Support (IFES). The closing event held on November 18, 2023, received praise from participants and guests. Dr. Masho Jima, representing Jimma University’s Academic Vice President, emphasized the importance of peace and the project’s role in promoting peaceful interactions through sustained dialogue.
Mr. Firaol Tafese, the head of the School of Law at Jimma University, presented an implementation report detailing the project’s challenges, solutions, and future plans. The report sparked a fruitful discussion among participants, leading to the decision to establish a university-level student ‘Dialogue Club.’ This club will provide a dedicated space for students to engage in constructive discussions, exchange ideas, and seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts. It aims to enhance dialogue skills, promote inclusivity, and foster a culture of understanding within the university community. The establishment of the Dialogue Club marks a significant step in sustaining the project’s impact and leaving a lasting legacy of dialogue and peace at Jimma University.

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