Call for Papers

The Ethiopian Journal of Social Sciences and Language Studies (EJSSLS) invites interested contributors to submit their manuscripts for Vol.4 No.2 before or by July30, 2017. Papers will be submitted in English under the following or related areas: Social Sciences, Languages, and related disciplines.  Specifically:

  •     Culture/Anthropology
  •     Applied Linguistics
  •     Languages /Literature               
  •     Environmental Studies
  •     Religion and Politics
  •     Psychology
  •     Communication
  •     Sociology
  •     Public Relations
  •     History and Heritage Management
  •     Media Studies
  •     Development
  •     Geography
  •     Indigenous customs
  •     Governance systems
  •     Folklore& Literature

Submission of manuscript is made online through   cssljournal.ssljournal , tesfaye.gebeyehu , and
Personally reviewing the papers especially the language is important.
Strictly following the guide to authors and latest APA style is mandatory.
The length of the manuscript should not exceed 15 pages. For a book review, do not exceed 2000 words.
You are encouraged to:

  •     share your professional expertise with the research community;
  •     increase your paper publication strength;
  •     publish for academic excellence, and
  •     be among the first to publish in this emerging journal in December 2017!

Each contribution could have the biggest impact on the academic as well as on the journal’s excellence.
We look forward to your participation and learning more about your work. 
If you have questions or want more information about the call for papers process, please contact
Dr. Tesfaye Gebeyehu, the editor-in-chief ; Research and Graduate Studies Coordinator
       (251) 0911693938 or email at cssljournal.ssljournal  or
For further information visit:
The Ethiopian Journal of Social Sciences and Language Studies (EJSSLS)
 ISSN (Online): 2408-9532      Print: 2412-5180      ISBN: 978-99944-70-78-5
 College of Social Sciences and Humanities,  Jimma University
Thank you very much for showing interest in EJSSLS.
The editor- in- chief