To: All Jimma University Regular Undergraduate Graduating Class students

Registration GC
We would like to inform you that your registration will be held from December 07-09/ 2020, and we urge you to avail yourself in your respective College and Institutes for registration on the aforementioned dates. All batches of Theatrical Arts, Music and Visual Arts, existing batches of PGDT students, 3rd-year Biomedical and 4th-year Material Science and Electrical Engineering regular students should also register in their respective Colleges and Institutes at the same dates.
Similarly, all existing batches and new Post Graduate students should follow the same registration schedule fulfilling all the required formalities and in their respective Colleges and Institutes.
Finally, Non graduating and especially Medical CII and below students should stay where you are until further notice from Jimma University’s Registrar Office.
Jimma University Registrar Office