3rd CPD Annual Forum was held at Jimma University Institute of Health

Jimma University Institute of Health, CPD Center’s 3rd Annual Forum was conducted with a theme of ‘ A Journey from Access to Quality Improvement’.
The main objective of the forum was to highlight the JUIH executive bodies and invited stakeholders on the major CPD achievements in 2016 EFY and to introduce the Ministry of Health new initiative called ‘ Model CPD Center’.

Dr. Ahmed Zeynudin, the Vice President of JUIH, has addressed the commitment that the JUIH CPD Center is making towards being one of the Model CPD Centers in Ethiopia very shortly.
Dr. Teshome Assefa, JUIH CPD Director, said that Jimma University Institute of Health has launched two new nationally accredited CPD Courses and started cascading training for 60 Healthcare Professionals as part of staff capacity building and sustaining quality healthcare service for the clients.
He added that the CPD Center is also working on the accreditation of more courses and on the process of digitalizing the existing training documents to increase the accessibility of the materials for its staff.
invited Guests from Southwest Ethiopia Region Hospitals who were accredited to be CPD Providers have also shared their achievements and status of collaboration with Jimma University Institute of Health.

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