Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

1.Definition of Technology Transfer

A. Technology means: 

  • a product of demonstrable benefit obtained through research or independent inquiry or imported from other places, which could be disseminated or commercialized for public use; 
  • a new and useful invention, research outcome, finding or other knowledge, or a technical solution intended to improve an existing technology or adapt a technology for local use and benefit, whether or not such subject matter is registered or registrable in accordance with the Inventions, Minor Inventions and Industrial Designs, Proclamation, No. 123/1995, amendments and successors thereof; 
  • a computer program potentially beneficial for social or industrial uses that is registrable, whether or not registered, under the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Proclamation No. 410/2004, amendments and successors thereof; or
  • a new plant variety whether or not the variety is registered or registrable in accordance with the Plant Breeders’ Rights Proclamation No. 481/2006, amendments and successors thereof; or / and every right, title, and interest of every Innovator in or to such subject matter.

B. “Transfer” means communicate, assign, license or otherwise mobilize or convey rights in or to a Technology, or capacity to implement a Technology, to a third party (ies) for the benefit of Ethiopia, a region or community of the nation, the University or an Innovator. Transfer includes but is not limited to activities meant to realize or attempt to realize monetary and/or other commercial value from a Technology including marketing, preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintaining grants and registrations (and applications for grants and registrations) of intellectual property (such as patents, utility model certifications or other legislated protection means), funding additional development such as prototype development, incorporating companies and providing services, advice or other supports to such companies, and otherwise protecting and/or exploiting a Technology.

C. Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific findings or new knowledge and technologies for public use or for commercialization after validating their usefulness through participatory demonstration and evaluation with users.

2. Objectives of Technology Transfer

The main objectives of technology transfer are:

  • To support the discovery of new knowledge and technology that provide by academic staff and students of Jimma University.
  • To facilitate the efficient transfer of knowledge and technology from Jimma University to the industry in support of the public interest
  • To promote national, regional and local economic development
  • To Support Colleges/Faculties/Institutes to produce new/modified technologies and their dissemination 
  • To coordinate university and TVET colleges (as technology duplicators) linkage activities of colleges and institutes
  • To oversee the fund allocated for technology transfer and its use;