Jimma university job fair is conducted

Jimma university Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center with the collaboration of ethiojobs/ have successfully conducted job fair on June,16,2018 at main campus mini stadium. In this event more than 29 companies from locally, nationally and international companies have been invited and most of them are participated.

In the event higher Managements of the universities, vice presidents, director officers and college deans are participated. The job fair is opened by president of Jimma University Prof. Dr. Fikre Lemesa. Prof.

Fikre Lemesa have been transfer their well come speech on behalf of Jimma university community. On their speech ‘‘In this event, our students will have the opportunity to meet future sponsors, reputable and well-established companies’ representatives and owners. Meeting them, our students will have inspired to work hard and commit to their future goals. Am sure you will be spending fruit full day by exploring your company and recruiting potential fresh graduates.’’ By continuing their speech ‘‘We here at JU mini-stadium strive to instill in our students for them to pursue their dreams. Teaching students to seize the day and explore every opportunity will, no doubt, assist them in their journey and their path to succeed. We, also, teach our student the importance of building one’s career path knowing or determining where they want to go and how to get there, will mostly certainly, facilitate their search for the right and most suitable career that will help them enrich and make a difference in their community.’’ Before finishing their speech prof. Fikre have been acknowledged respected bodies by saying ‘’I would like to take this opportunity to thank the employers for participating in our job fair to engage our students and to share with them the wide variety of exciting job opportunities available at your organizations.’’ Then concluded ‘’ I would like to extend my deep thanks and utmost appreciation, on behalf of all JU community, to all participants and who made this event possible. I would like to thank team under the leadership of Mis. Siham Ayele and D/Director of JU Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center Mr.Ahmed Mohammed, for their hard work and dedication.’’

After speech of our president, Director of Career Development And Entrepreneurship Center, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, has  transfer the message of the center, by acknowledging the participant, that included Locally, Nationally and Internationally based companies, the center have been spent the last four months by preparing the students for this event by Organizing and Giving Different Training and Workshops for all graduating class that Enhance Employability Skill and Develop Soft Skill/ Transferable skill of the students. He gave thanks to all participators of the journey starting from Conducting Training up to the event.

The big event is started ‘students and employers’ are sited face-to-face. The students are being eager to be hired by the recruiters, the companies are recruits/find the important persons among the applicators by interviewing, review their resume and application latter’s. In this even all students are appeared by complete wearing with fully prepared physically and mentally. ‘Because they know the importance of this event.’

Students are find companies that are computable to their field of studies and conduct the companies’ representatives, then, since the event place (New mini-stadium) is very beauty and attractive, the students are take a picture with each other and with university higher officials. After the event students are very happy by the event, have gain an experience and tries their opportunities by applying in to the companies. In the company side also have been spent successful day, since they gate the chance to have a lot of fresh graduates in one place that accumulate high potential and updated labor that could be successfully engaged in any position or work place without any preconditions.

As a whole this event is very successful and delightful by the criterium of the objectives!

 Job Fair 2018