Community Service at JU

Similar to other HEIs, CS is one of the pillars of JU. However, the CS at JU very different from the nature and practice of CS in other universities. Some of the reasons for this include:


  • Its link to and interdependence with the university’s unique educational philosophy
  • The special emphasis attached to CS as a means to enhance the quality and relevance of education to societal development through better integration of teaching, research and services, hence the motto “We are in the community

To this end, we need to distinguish between CS activities implemented within CBE context from those of mainstream CSs of the university. The main focus of this briefing is the latter. Viewed this way, JU is engaged in quite a broad range of CS, albeit, with differing nature, scope depending on such factors as the number of beneficiaries, stakeholder; the extent of engagement of community and stakeholders; the source and type of funding; the level and scope of delivery among others.