University- Industry Linkage

University-industry linkage (UIL) became an important element in the higher education policy circle. It is the most effective mechanism where both the university and the industry act as complementary organizations to share resources to meet common goals and it is the major driving force in earnings of University and Industries. UIL & TT office tries to realize university industry cooperative processes by matching academicians with project proposals obtained as a result of the regular visits made to the industry and the incoming requests from the industry. This considered as means for keeping up staff research, technology transfer projects & application of knowledge for social development and industrial advancement and it have resulted in an increase of commercialization of university researches (new findings, technologies) or adopting technologies. Thus, academicians of Jimma University can contact UIL & TT Directorate Office to involve in these types of activities.

The objectives of university-industry linkage office are:

  • To create the opportunity for staffs and students of the university to obtain practical experiences in the manufacturing and service industries and for industry experts to participate in the research and teaching activities of Jimma University.
  • To utilize the knowledge and research generated by Jimma University to improve the manufacturing and service sectors of our community through technology creation, learning, adoption and adaptation.
  • To enhance the basic goals of Jimma University, namely, education and curiosity-driven expansion of knowledge to be made available to the public.

These objectives can be fulfilled by bringing together our University and the industries and creating a formal platform where they can jointly plan and implement tasks that are mutually beneficial to them and the society at large.