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Jimma University Alumni Association


Alumni Relations Office at Jimma University (JU) aims at establishing robust link between JU and its former Graduates. It commits itself to form an interwoven network of interaction between the University and its former graduates and among the Graduates themselves. The University has a strong belief that its graduates are potential assets and can have enormous contributions to its success if they are mobilized and kept connected. Registration of alumni has already started in 2010 but recently the office is moving to revitalize the association by establishing Chapters associations in different parts of Ethiopia.


To establish sustained interactions with our Alumni nationally and inter-nationally and ensure that the University and its graduates benefit out of such sustained interaction.


  • Establish National and international alumni chapters and ensure that they are kept connected to the University.

  • Strengthen the existing chapters abroad

  • Create and maintain a lifelong link between JU and its graduates, as well as the broader community.

  • Encourage Alumni participation in fundraising initiatives of the university and any other activity that could benefit the university to realize its mission

  • Foster a sense of loyalty between the university and its alumni by means of university memorabilia.

  • Serve as a platform of continuous and networked interaction among its graduates to help them share information and experiences.


They take their knowledge of their institution to their home towns and countries and in to their professional and social networks. GRADUATION is an important occasion –the culmination of all your hard work during your time at Jimma University. It marks the point at which you leave us to make your way in the world.

Graduation is a great day for you, your family and friends. It’s a chance to celebrate all that you have achieved throughout your university career and to look back at the years you have spent with us.

The importance of Alumni Association at Jimma University!

  • Due to “Alumni Association” students feel obliged and honored to return the favors and successes as well as the Alma Mater also get benefit and grow enormously in terms of both academics and administration at national and international level.

  • Alumni Association plays an important role in awaking the students about opportunities available in the job market. The association will be a crucial forum to exchange information especially senior graduates guiding and helping those who are just graduating

  • You can easily meet your good old days friends and roommates and know their whereabouts via the alumni network

  • Students will benefit in accessing relevant and timely information regarding their field of specialization through the alumni

  • Alumni Association also engages in organizing events of different types to keep former students in touch with their institution which finally helps to realize their goals and most of all the goal of the institution through their assistance.

Join the JU’s Alumni Association and;

  • find more friends and get a fresh memory of your college/university;

  • utilize the knowledge you gained through your study and improve your personal life;

  • contribute your  part to the further growth and development of JU;

  • Get a good hobby; friends.

  • Share your goals, wishes, ideas and experiences with your friends.

People are free to combine their ideas and interests, and an Alumni association is the best way to start with and to improve life after college/university;

Coming together is A Beginning; Keeping together is Progress; Working together is Success.(-Henry Ford).

Are you a member of JU Alumni Association (JUAA) yet?

Register soon at:

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