School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at Jimma University, established in 2003, educates the next generation of professionals and academicians to further advance knowledge in their chosen fields and to apply new skills to address the needs of society. SGS is tasked with initiating, coordinating, and administering a wide variety of multidisciplinary graduate programs on campus in Jimma, at professional field sites, and in the virtual world. SGS offers programs of study and research at the masters, PhD and post doctorate levels. The School is a center of academic excellence which integrates academic training, research and community service with a globally minded orientation.

Our students represent the brightest and most accomplished in the country. They come to study with us from various backgrounds and professional experiences in order to hone their skills in order to identify, analyze and intervene in society’s greatest challenges when they return to their professional roles. We are proud that each year we graduate over 1000 students with a diverse array of degrees. Our faculty too, brings real world experience and academic excellence to graduate level studies. Our teaching staff, both Ethiopian and international, apply practical, real world experience along with theory to create a teaching-learning environment that can foster the exchange of novel ideas and transfer of high value skills for the development of professionalism of the highest standard.

The School of Graduate Studies recognizes that education in the 21st century will be dependent on the ability to harness technology in order to educate students in nontraditional, off campus environments. In light of this, the School has undertaken a number of dynamic initiatives to bring high quality graduate education to a variety of students through unique means. Working with our partners Lucy Consulting based in Washington DC and ABH Services based in Addis Ababa, we are educating in the virtual realm engineers, public health professionals and business management professionals with the most up to date and relevant professional knowledge and skills. We also offer courses on industry sites, such as the Gibe Dam site, which allow professionals working to pursue their postgraduate degrees while maintaining their professional roles. The School of Graduate Studies is also expanding as a regional institute of higher education. We are proud to have launched a campus in Hargeisa, Somaliland so our educational philosophy and practice can benefit the Somali people. 

The School of Graduate Studies has ambitions to further expand its operations on campus at Jimma University, at more field sites and in the virtual realm. The School also has plans to increase the programs we offer by the number of masters, PhD, professional certificate while simultaneously improving the quality of established programs. Through collaboration, deliberation, and with a constant desire to achieve academic excellence relevant to professionalism in 21st century, the quality of our programs and the benefit our graduates bring to society will only increase. 

The mission of the School is to produce competent professionals in the various disciplines of learning in the University at graduate and post graduate levels who could respond to the needs of society.

The SGS will be a centre of academic excellence, integrating training, research and service. The School trains high caliber professionals through its cherished and innovative community based approach. The School will be a leader in addressing societal needs and promoting holistic and sustainable development in the country.


  • To realize its mission the goal of the School is to educate various professionals in different disciplines who:
  • Identify, analyze and intervene on society’s problems
  • Undertake basic and applied research pertinent to the recognition, characterization and resolution of societal problems
  • Improve the practice of profession in their respective field
  • Contribute to societal development

The School of Graduate Studies is formally established in the academic year of 2003, with the following general aims.

  • Initiating
  • Coordinating and
  • Administering of graduate programs

Council of Graduate Studies: (CGS) is the governing body of the school.
Adhering to the University’s policy, the CGS duty is:

  • To determine requirements for admission
  • To provide programs of study and examinations
  • To establish and maintain requirements for graduate degrees
  • To make recommendations for new areas of graduate study
  • To lay down such regulations as may be considered necessary for governing the SGS
  • To exercise a general supervision over its affairs

Director/Dean: The School is headed by a Director/Dean who is the secretary of the CGS and chief executive officer of the School.
College Academic Commission (CAC): at the College level, programs of graduate studies are directly administered, coordinated and supervised by the respective CAC, which is responsible to the CGS.
Department Graduate Committee (DGC): this is the body whose duty is to develop and execute the departmental program, and is responsible for CAC.
The School shall offer programs of study and research leading to MPH, M.Sc. M.A., M.Ed. and LLM. and similar other degrees, post M.D certificates and diplomas and PhD degrees.