In a phased manner considering resources and national need, graduate program will be initiated in the remaining faculties.

S.N  College/Institute  Program In take capacity Duration in years 
1.College of Agriculture and 
Veterinary Medicine
PhD in Horticulture53-4
PhD in Plant Breeding53-4
PhD in Plant Pathology53-4
PhD in Animal Nutrition53-4
MSc Horticulture & Plant Science202
MSc Plant Breeding102
MSc Plant Pathology102
MSc Plant Biotechnology102
MSc Agronomy102
MSc Animal Production102
MSc in Entomology102
MSc in Natural Resources Management102
MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology102
MSc in Post Harvest Management102
MSc in Veterinary Public Health102
MSc in Agribusiness & Value Chain Management102
MSc in Physical Land Resources (Specialization in Soil Science102
MSc in Weed Resource102
MSc in Animal Breeding102
2. College of Health 
MPH in Health Services Management102
MPH in Epidemiology102
MPH in Reproductive Health102
MPH in Health Education102
MPH in General Public Health102
MSc in Environmental Science & Technology102
MSc in Adult Nursing102
MSc in Health Monitoring & Evaluation3013 Months
MHA (Master of Health care & 
Hospital Administration)
302 (For MOH)
MSc Maternity Nursing 102
Internal Medicine Specialty103
Surgery Specialty   104
Pediatrics specialty103
Obstetrics & Gynecology specialty54
Ophthalmology Specialty 104
MSc in Emergency Surgery Specialty203 (For MOH)
MSc in Microbiology102
MSc in Physiology102
MSc in Parasitology102
MSc in Clinical Pharmacy102
Pathology Specialty53
MSc in Pharmacy Administration   102
MSc in Clinical Laboratory Sciences102
MSc in Psychiatry 102
MSc in Environmental Health102
PhD in Environmental Health53-4
PhD in Applied Ecology53-4
3.College of Business & 
MBA in Business Management202
MA in Economics   102
MA in Accounting and Finance102
MPA(Masters of Public Administration)102
MA in Accounting202
4.College Natural Sciences  PhD in Applied Microbiology53-4
  MSc in Analytical Chemistry102
  MSc in Inorganic Chemistry102
  MSc in Organic Chemistry102
  MSc in Physical Chemistry102
  Masters in Bio-statistics102
 MSc in Chemistry102
 MSc in Applied Microbiology102
 MSc in Botanical Sciences102
 MSc Ecological and Systematic Zoology102
 MSc in Mathematics102
 MSc in Information and Knowledge Management102
 MSc in Electronic and Digital Resource  Management102
  MSc in Astrophysics102
  MSc in Condensed Matter102
  MSc in Quantum Optics102
  MSc in Sport Management102
  MSc in Foot Ball102
5.College of Social Sciences 
and Humanities
MA in TEFL152
MA in History102
MA in History and Heritage102
MA in Counseling Psychology102
MA in Engish Literature102
MA in Educational Psychology102
L.L.M in Commercial and Investment Law102
MA in Oromo Folklore and Cultural Studies102
MA in Applied Linguistics and Ethiopian Language and Cultural Studies102
MA in Governance and Development Studies102
6.Jimma Institute of 
    MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering102
    MSc in Structural Engineering102
    MSc in Water Resource Engineering102
    MSc in Environmental Engineering102
    MSc in Electrical Power Engineering102
    MSc in Geotechnical Engineering102
   MSc in Construction Engineering & Management102
   MSc in Hydraulics Engineering102
   MSc in Communication Engineering102
7.College of Education & 
Behavioural Science
MA in Educational Leadership102
MA in Curriculum and Instruction102
MA in Adult Educational and Life Long Learning102