Ph.D. Defense

Mr. Mniyichel Belay has defended his Ph.D. dissertation successfully at Jimma University’s senate hall today through an online platform using Google meet virtual meeting application. He is from Jimma Institute of Technology, Jimma University, Faculty of Computing and Informatics under the program of Information Science with the collaboration of GKEN-EDMA.

Mniyichel’s dissertation is entitled, “Exploring the role and extent of knowledge management technology for supporting decision making and health care improvement in a selected hospital in Ethiopia”. This study aims to explore the role and extent of knowledge management activities in support of the decision-making process in health care service. He uses Jimma University Medical Center, as an example, and the study is combined the existing trends of the knowledge management process with the technology aspect so as to produce a conceptual framework.

Advisors were Prof. Amare Desta and Prof. Steve Smithen from the UK, whereas Dr. Million Meshesha from Addis Ababa University. Examiners were Prof. Lawrence Abraham Gojeh, Prof. Daniel Alemneh, and Prof. Nandish Patel.