Objectives of the director of women`s affairs

Objectives of the director of women`s affairs office of Jimma University

To reduce the gender gap in employment during the plan period

  • To increase the % of recruits of female administrative staffs to 50%
  • To increase the % of recruits of female academic staff to 35 %

To reduce gender gap in education

  • To bring the enrollment % of female students during the plan period by 40%
  • To strengthen the supportive measures (tutorial class, female library orientation program )render to female students

To improve participation of women in decision making positions and leadership

  • To increase the percentage of female administrative division heads, faculty deans and department heads by 10 %
  • To develop the managerial skill of female staff by 50%

To increase the number of competent, qualified and assertive  female students

  •  To eliminate the attrition rate gap between male and female students during the plan period
  • To increase the number of female high achievers (CGPA> 3) by 20%
  • To reserve 20% of opportunities of further studies for females
  • To organize  short term trainings on Assertiveness  for first year female student yearly.

Make all systems of the university gender responsive and sensitive.

  • To mainstream gender in all faculties by revising the curriculum.
  • To review the student and staff disciplinary manuals so as to make it gender sensitive in the year 2008/9
  • To develop Anti- Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy of the University by 2008/9
  • To give trainings on Gender Sensitization to Jimma  University community at least once a year

Make the surrounding community gender sensitive

  • To give Gender Sensitization training at least once a year to secondary schools in jimma..

Initiate and facilitate gender related research

  • To initiate, facilitate and award competent research Proposals on Gender issues in collaboration with the University  reaserch and publication office  and different organizations once a year.
  • To motivate under graduate students to do their Senior Research Projects and Seminars on gender related issues in the university

Increase awareness of Jimma University community on HIV/AIDS

  • To arrange trainings on HIV/AIDS and its Preventive Methods, VCT, Post-testing cares and ARVT
  • To initiate Jimma University community to use VCT service from the university hospital.

Increase awareness on Reproductive Health issues

  • Conducting  short term training on Reproductive Health and Risky Behaviors  in collaboration with Reproductive health office at least twice per year.