Mission, Vision, Goal, and Objectives

Develop state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and provide superior quality services whereby the teaching, research, and administrative activities of the university are carried out by utilizing the resources and services efficiently and effectively.

Make Jimma University a high-tech university, which integrates ICT in all aspects of its activities.

Ensure that ICT is fully integrated into planning and implementation of the University mission in order to speed up and improve quality of activities of Jimma University.


  • Develop world class ICT infrastructure which is capable of providing multitudes of services that significantly improve the teaching, research and administrative activities
  • Build the capacity of potential users of ICT resources so that they will make the most out of the resources.
  • Retain competent, highly qualified and innovative ICT professionals that maintain the existing resources and plan for future expansions
  • Develop high quality computer software
  • Provide a system of reliable support for users of ICT resources
  • Provide a standard for procurement of ICT resources and/or services
  • Consult higher decision making bodies in ICT and related issues
  • Carry out researches in ICT